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Hospitals, health and human services providers continue to face an uphill climb toward sound protection against insider and external threats, especially as the sector invests in new technologies that widen its attack surface.

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Healthcare organizations, like hospitals and urgent-care facilities, must grapple with increasing prevalence of medical data breaches and targeted ransomware and a growing attack surface brought on by an influx of devices combined with legacy systems. The good news is that you can take steps to improve your security posture and expected outcomes.

Improving cyber security in healthcare

Become more proactive, and less reactive, about how you implement security.
Implement a vulnerability management and testing program covering all systems and technologies.
Shift to a data-centric model by reducing risk at the endpoints.
Increase user awareness around threats like phishing and ransomware attacks.
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Incident Preparedness Case Study in Healthcare

A Prescription for Cyber Resilience

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Minimize the Risks.

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    Assess & Test Vulnerability

    Detect, test and mitigate vulnerabilities and threats in mobile and Internet of Things devices, which may allow for more seamless administration of patient care — but can introduce major risk.

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    Enable Data Protection

    Discover and classify sensitive data that needs protection, and ensure it doesn't exit into the wrong hands, whether by accident, through trusted insiders with malicious intentions or via external intruders.

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    Automate and Achieve Simplicity

    Turn to the easy-to-use Trustwave Fusion platform to obtain a single snapshot into your technologies and services, so you can more effectively manage your security program.

  • Compliance Management

    Control Risks and Meet Compliance Demands

    Assess and respond to the risks brought on by data, cloud, mobility and business partners, which will, in turn, allow you to address compliance requirements, including HIPAA and HITECH.


Trustwave has you covered with solutions that help you modernize your security program and overcome resource challenges around staffing, skills and budget.

Penetration Testing

Conduct scanning and penetration testing across your databases, networks and applications to reveal vulnerabilities.

Database Security

Discover, assess and report on misconfigurations, improper access controls and other weaknesses within databases.

Managed Detection and Response

24x7 managed detection and response powered by our proven Trustwave Fusion platform, connecting to your existing security tools with advanced analytics and best-in-class Trustwave SpiderLabs threat intelligence and expertise.

Threat Hunting

Probe deep into your network using cyberthreat intel, behavioral analytics, anomaly detection and deep-dive forensic analysis to identify ongoing attacks and latent threats.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Determine the source, cause, and extent of a security breach quickly, and better prepare for the inevitable incident.

Cyber Architecture & Integration

Design, build and optimize solutions including full SOC and Cyber Defence Center build-outs, to mitigate threats in the cloud and in the enterprise.

Custom Engagements

Augment your capabilities with more specialized and actionable counseling, including our Consulting & Professional Services practice and SpiderLabs Red and Purple Teaming.