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Manufacturing industry cybersecurity is straddling a line between traditional, legacy operations and modern times, facing unique cybersecurity challenges on both sides of the line.

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Manufacturing facilities around the world are more internet-connected than ever, but the cybersecurity in manufacturing practices and operational technology (OT) at many have lagged – putting the industry at great risk. Cybercriminal groups recognize this and have been increasingly targeting manufacturers. The good news is despite these challenges and skills shortages, you can take steps to take back control.

What the Manufacturing Sector Needs to Do

Conduct a full audit to identify IT & OT devices, applications and systems and how they are connected.
Establish a roadmap to address the gaps, vulnerabilities and risks identified within and outside the organization.
Deploy technologies that provide real-time protection against malware, including ransomware.
Reduce detection time, particularly on endpoints, as the number of connected devices grows.
Case Study

How One Manufacturer is Managing Risk in a Connected World

When one manufacturing company's IT leadership team realized the firm's security posture needed to evolve to meet modern standards, it sought to expand its security portfolio with an industry leader.

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    Conduct an assessment against an industry standard such as NIST CSF, establish a roadmap, communicate effectively it to your Board and C-suite, and execute on the plan.

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    Stretch your capabilities by gaining access to Trustwave experience and knowledge that come from successfully working with thousands of customers around the world.

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    Partner with Trustwave to identify how to make best use of your existing security resources and future investments.

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    Turn to the easy-to-use Trustwave Fusion platform to obtain a single snapshot into your technologies and services, so you can more effectively manage your security program.


Trustwave is well positioned to deliver manufacturing security solutions to manufacturers large and small, helping our clients understand and manage emerging threats in their IT, OT and IoT platforms and supporting business processes. These are some key areas we get asked to help our manufacturing sector clients.

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Conduct end-to-end testing of databases, IT and OT networks and applications to proactively identify known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks to your people, process and technology.

Managed Detection and Response

24x7 managed detection and response powered by our proven Trustwave Fusion platform, connecting to your existing security tools with advanced analytics and best-in-class Trustwave SpiderLabs threat intelligence and expertise.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Determine the source, cause, and extent of a security breach quickly, and better prepare for the inevitable incident.

Diagnostic Services

Conduct a highly targeted assessment to understand your ability to address today’s most pressing cybersecurity risks: Supply Chain Risk; Cloud Security; Threat Detection & Response; and Organizational Maturity.

Advisory Services

Advice for boards and top management on strategy, governance, compliance, and security to maximize return on investment.

Trustwave Security Colony

Get a head start on your security program by accessing solutions to the challenges you face today, as developed by hundreds of peer organizations.

Operational Technology Security Maturity Diagnostic

An assessment and advisory service centered on ensuring the security of industrial automation and control systems.