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Ravi Ravichandran

Ravi Ravichandran

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Ravi Ravichandran is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Trustwave. He is responsible for engineering product development and SpiderLabs research, with a focus on driving innovation into Trustwave’s industry leading products and services.

Ravi comes to Trustwave with over 30+ years of experience in technology strategy and engineering at leading technology companies such as GE, HP, IBM, Symantec, and Juniper Networks with annual sales ranging from $100 million to $100+ billion.  He brings strong technology and engineering innovation across cloud transformation, DevOps, microservices/containerization and other modern technology architectures. Ravi also has vast experience at various startups like Ipass, Actiance, Service Source & others, with engineering executive leadership during two successful IPOs.  His recent experiences include innovative cloud engineering transformation at Juniper Networks, as Chief Technology Officer, IoT platform Predix at GE Digital, and VP at Service Source. 

Ravi earned masters degrees in engineering and in computer science from Florida Atlantic University and has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bangalore, India.