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Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center

A state-of-art 6,000 square foot cybersecurity command center located in Chicago with the ability to monitor for, detect, and instantly kill threats anywhere inside an organization’s environment down to individual endpoints, a feat unprecedented in managed security.

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Cybersecurity Command Center

Housed within the center are highly specialized multidisciplinary strike teams formed from Trustwave SpiderLabs, an elite group of ethical hackers, threat hunters, incident responders and advanced researchers. These units infused into the company’s globally dispersed network of Advanced Security Operation Centers (ASOCs) drive immediate action and response as security incidents emerge.

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    Trustwave SpiderLabs Expertise

    A solid security program is more about the expertise behind the technologies than the technologies themselves. As cybercriminals continue evolving their methods for breaching organizations, having a formidable force at the ready is critical. The Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center employs a three-tier threat model consisting of some of the top minds in security who excel at ethical hacking, proactive threat hunting and incident response. In addition to spotting the most obscure vulnerabilities and exploiting the smallest gaps in defenses, Trustwave SpiderLabs optimizes behavioral analytics, endpoint data, SIEM logs and other potential sources for indicating compromise to eliminate threats before catastrophic damage occurs.

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    Cybersecurity Training and Education

    Within the Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center walls sits a large theater for delivering on-premise and remote training curriculums for CIOs, CISOs, security analysts and IT workers. Taught by some of the world's most renowned security practitioners, participants learn cutting-edge techniques for discovering advanced persistent threats and defending networks and can earn industry recognized certifications in penetration testing, data forensics, incident response and other fields. The theater also hosts regular industry gatherings and think tanks to debate on theoretical and practical applications of new technologies and approaches in relation to the constantly evolving threat landscape.

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    Global ASOC Network

    Up to the second threat intelligence is essential for combating today's determined cybercriminals. The Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center serves as the hub to our global network of federated ASOCs feeding the latest intelligence on newly discovered vulnerabilities, rapidly moving malware campaigns, novel attack techniques and more. Trustwave Managed Security Services clients can take quick action to guard their organization against an imminent security event or address a situation already in progress.

Discovering Threats. Defending Networks.

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    24x7x365 Global Monitoring

    Around the clock monitoring and detection of cybersecurity threats, rapidly propagating attack campaigns, zero-day vulnerabilities and nefarious dark web activities.

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    Annihilate Threats on Demand

    Pioneering actionable threat intelligence gleaned from the Trustwave global network of ASOCs, internal security research and forensic investigations resulting in the ability to annihilate threats on demand.

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    Digital Forensics and Incident Response

    Remotely launch deep investigations to any point on the globe in minutes vs. days.

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    Solid Response Playbooks For Any Threat

    Unique Point of Delivery (POD) system based on industry-specific experience and special skill sets resulting in deeper knowledge of client environments and solid response playbooks for any threat situation.

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    Discovering And Neutralizing Threats Downstream

    Cross-industry threat intelligence sharing that allows Trustwave clients to benefit immediately from work conducted on individual cases, security incidents and anomalies.

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    Real-world Threat Simulation

    Highly realistic virtual environment for running hybrid cyber range training, red teaming/blue teaming and real-world threat simulation exercises internally and with customers.