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Trustwave Wins the Threat Indicator Top Contributor Award from Microsoft

Over the years, cyber-attacks have become widespread and increasingly sophisticated. This has resulted in multi-faceted collaboration among security vendors to provide the best protection for organizations around the world. Microsoft recognized industry collaboration among their partners last week during a ceremony at the Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, the Trustwave SpiderLabs team was honored as the top contributor of threat indicators. Microsoft published a blog listing all the categories and winners, which is available here.

MS Award

Trustwave uses a wide range of sensors and methods to collect threat intelligence tied to cyber-attacks occurring around the world. That includes data delivered by Trustwave and third-party partner products, findings from customer investigations, and extensive data collected by its global network of advanced security operation centers. That telemetry provides an excellent view for Trustwave’s security experts who analyze and track changes in the global threat landscape and take action to advise and protect customers. Data includes constantly-changing malicious URLs (which are used for malware distribution), IP addresses of infected computers, and malicious and unwanted email such as spam and phishing.

For years, Trustwave has been an active member of one of the industry’s leading partnership programs, the Microsoft Active Protection Program (MAPP). This initiative includes dozens of security vendors and helps protect the vast customer base of Microsoft users. Trustwave is also a prominent member of other threat intelligence partnerships including the Global Telco Security Alliance, which is comprised of service providers and other organizations that share information related to cybersecurity incidents.

It is amazing what people and organizations can do when they cooperate and collaborate. Through the MAPP program, Microsoft and its partners have all contributed to the protection of our common customers and the security ecosystem as a whole. This is exemplified by the organizations receiving these awards.

It is a pleasure to thank multiple team members who constantly work on maintaining and expanding our threat intelligence systems, including Karl Sigler, Robert Foggia, Phil Hay, Anat Davidi, Rodel Mendrez, Jeremy Batterman, Sanjeev Shankar, David Bishop and Hattie Peng. Trustwave is very proud of this recognition and will continue to take a leading role in fighting cybercrime globally.

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