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Complete Visibility for Security Leaders Makes Its Debut

What do successful pilots, surgeons, and photographers have in common? Excellent vision. Security leaders could be added to that list, but it takes a lot more than 20/10 vision for them to reduce cyber risk in the business, and a visit to Warby Parker won’t do any justice.

With the troves of additional data that businesses have at their disposal, better decisions are made and new revenue streams are uncovered, but a lot more work needs to be done on the information security front. It takes a village to protect one, and that’s what security leaders are facing today, working with numerous security partners and using a trove of security tools to secure dispersed data found in multi-cloud environments.

But what’s missing is alignment in the security tech stack, making it increasingly difficult for security pros to having the complete visibility needed to thwart cyber threats…until now.

The recently released Trustwave Fusion platform provides security leaders and their teams with deep visibility into their network by connecting the digital footprint of their business to a security cloud made up of Trustwave’s data lake, advanced analytics, and actionable threat intelligence.

While it solves the traditional items that a SIEM platform would address, like collecting data from multiple sources, it’s performed through a cloud platform, provided as a subscription model to security leaders, which won’t require them to make a big capital investment to leverage the technology, says Jesse Emerson, vice president, Americas, Managed Security Services at Trustwave.

“Being able to use our platform for things like incident management, the way that we’ve built security orchestration and automation into the platform is a big game-changer,” Emerson says. “Many of our customers have a multi-vendor technology infrastructure. We can help them orchestrate that environment through our Fusion platform interface as a centralized place, without having to interact with various management portals across technologies in their environment. This solves a big problem for organizations.”  

Businesses are always struggling to do meaningful reporting based on their security data. Whether it’s related to threats they’re experiencing, vulnerable assets, high-privileged users, or time to respond, most struggle into making all of that information available in one location. The Trustwave Fusion platform solves that problem, allowing users to build and customize widgets that can be used to data mine for reporting purposes.

With the release of the platform, the traditional dichotomy of customer and security partners is erased, giving security leaders the ability to take action on protecting assets and exterminating threats as they occur.

“It’s one of the things that any MSSP aspires to do, but we are at the cutting edge of having this advantage in our platform,” Emerson says.

Watch the entire interview with Emerson below to get a better understanding of how you can reach a state of complete visibility through the Trustwave Fusion platform.

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Marcos Colón is the content marketing manager at Trustwave and a former IT security reporter and editor.