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Trustwave Fusion Platform Capabilities Expanded in Pacific Region

Trustwave has expanded its cloud-native Trustwave Fusion platform into the Pacific region by retaining all Pacific client data onshore in Australia to meet national regulatory requirements.

"We are committed to continuing to grow our investment in the Pacific region to drive success for our clients and allow them to conduct business securely," said Jason Whyte, General Manager for Pacific at Trustwave. "Our unique combination of world-class SpiderLabs security talent and our market-leading Trustwave Fusion platform enables us to meet the strenuous security needs of global enterprises. With our Trustwave Fusion expansion, we can continue to partner closely with our Pacific clients to address the changing nature of cyberattacks while keeping their data close to home."

While all Pacific client data ingested into the Fusion platform will remain within Australia, clients will still benefit from the actionable insights of Trustwave's global SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence and the scale of its leading-edge Security Operations Center teams. The Trustwave Fusion platform offers a single view of threats, technology management, vulnerabilities, and perceived risks across an organization's entire environment.

"In response to market demand, we're proud to be able to fill a glaring gap in the industry by delivering cybersecurity services that are infused with global threat intelligence and can operate on a global scale, all while providing local data storage," continued Whyte.

Trustwave has a long history of working closely with our Pacific partners and clients and positioning our infrastructure to serve our clients in every region worldwide. For example, Trustwave Fusion utilizes AWS Cloud in Sydney and is built using IRAP-assessed AWS services. Additionally, Trustwave maintains ISO27001 and SOC Type II compliance certification across its organization.

Industry Analyst Support for Trustwave in APAC

Trustwave's Co-Managed SOC and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, globally recognized in numerous analyst reports, allow it to detect what others can't find. Through its managed security services, Trustwave is positioned to respond better and faster with a wider picture of potential threats and attacks in client environments, ultimately allowing teams to make more informed decisions sooner to protect their organizations.

In a recent IDC report, Trustwave was named a Major Player in the Asia/Pacific Professional Security Services Vendor Assessment MarketScape.

In the report, IDC Research Manager Christian Fam said that "Trustwave leverages its amalgamation of technologies and resources to focus on delivering outcome-based solutions for security operations that are centered around its managed security services, professional security services, and networking capabilities within the Asia/Pacific region."

The Trustwave Advantage: The Fusion Platform

The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution designed to support Trustwave's managed security services (MSS), products, and other cybersecurity offerings. Fusion serves as a solid foundation for enterprises, both now and in the future, as they navigate digital transformation and face an ever-changing security landscape.

This platform seamlessly connects the digital footprints of businesses and government agencies to a robust security cloud. The cloud includes the Trustwave data lake, advanced analytics, actionable threat intelligence, a wide range of security services and products, and the elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team of highly skilled security specialists.

Client data can be accessed via Fusion through a variety of devices.

By leveraging the Trustwave Fusion platform, internal security teams gain deep visibility into their networks and access to cutting-edge technologies. This visibility empowers them with advanced security expertise to protect assets and effectively respond to emerging threats.

Furthermore, the Trustwave Fusion platform consolidates Trustwave's resources—people, processes, and technology—into an intuitive application, allowing users to efficiently manage complex security programs from various devices such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

With the incorporation of Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) layers, the platform significantly improves incident accuracy, response time, and actions. Advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation play vital roles in achieving these enhancements.