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Trustwave SpiderLabs Karl Sigler to Conduct Security Briefings on Capitol Hill

Karl Sigler, Senior Security Research Manager, SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence, will conduct a series of briefings to federal officials on April 12-13, updating them on a variety of cybersecurity topics.

During his two days on the Hill, Sigler will appear before the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, and other agencies.

Sigler’s meetings are part of Trustwave’s on-going effort to engage with the federal government and share our expertise to further the public/private partnership that is part of President Joe Biden’s cybersecurity initiative.

Sigler will offer information on the threat landscape gleaned from recent SpiderLabs research, including the Anonymous Sudan/Killnet threat group, an update on the cyber activities surrounding the Ukraine/Russia War, the recent trend of exploiting Microsoft OneNote Publisher to carry malicious content, ChatGPT, IPFS, and the recent 3CX vulnerability.

Sigler is a 20-year information security veteran responsible for research and analysis of current vulnerabilities, malware, and threat trends at Trustwave. In addition to maintaining the Threat Intelligence program, Sigler and his team manage IDS/IPS signature development, serve as a liaison with Microsoft MAPP, and coordinate the Trustwave's Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure program.