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Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud

Email is the number one attack vector favored by threat actors.  

Trustwave MailMarshal is the industry’s most reliable and flexible email security solution with decades of leadership and recognition. Trustwave MailMarshal Cloud capabilities are custom fit to your needs and requires no installation. Simply update your Mail Exchange (MX) record. 

MailMarshal’s multi-layer approach combines machine learning algorithms with techniques curated over decades to minimize potentially malicious emails.   

MailMarshal’s 20-year track record without a major client incident report is unrivaled. MailMarshal detects what others can’t -- at a price point that makes deployment a “no regrets” ROI decision.   

By combining Trustwave MailMarshal with the existing security protections in Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or other email systems, you gain unprecedented detection and extended protection that helps to shield users from spam, ransomware, phishing, and other malware.