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A Red Team Simulation Synopsis – How Trustwave SpiderLabs Conduct a Simulated Attack

There is nothing like having first-hand access to what our experts have learned in the field. Learn the tactics used in a Trustwave SpiderLabs red team in this short video as John Cartrett, head of our SpiderLabs in North America team, describes the methods used team to infiltrate and exploit an environment, simulating malware propagation throughout an organisation. He’ll talk about the tactics, techniques and procedures used to successfully simulate an attack for a client, from unauthenticated internet attacker right through to gaining internal asset control.

This narrative is not for the faint-hearted! John describes the detail of the vulnerabilities exploited to allow the red team to move laterally across the infrastructure: Service Control Manager, Remote Protocols / RDP, WMI, PowerShell, Mimikatz, DCSync, Execute-Assembly and the Group Policy Management Console. The techniques described successfully evaded anti-virus detection.

Our Trustwave SpiderLabs red team takes an adversarial-like approach to identifying gaps and weaknesses to reach sensitive systems and data. Our red team are super-certified including CISSP, CISA and CISM accreditations, technical certs like OCSP, IRAP, CREST, and PCI DSS. They include NIST CSF and ISO 27001 specialists, as well as cloud security certified experts. They’ve worked with all types of technology in use at organisations worldwide. Our red teams are backed by our world-renowned threat research team, with access to billions of security events, multiple threat database feeds and years of cumulative experience discovering zero-day vulnerabilities built by analysing attack sequences from client engagements globally.