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The Many Faces of the Modern Adversary

In today’s age, a cybercriminal isn’t always the hoodie-wearing, faceless individual hiding in a dark room that we imagine. There are many faces, motives, and styles that cybercriminals use to be sophisticated, unique, and evade detection.

In this webinar, Trustwave VP of Security Research, Ziv Mador, discusses these many faces of the modern adversary, ranging from sophisticated nation-state APTs to cybercriminal groups. Join for the discussion on:

  • Threat actor motives
  • Learnings from the Russia-Ukraine cyberwarfare
  • Actively exploited vulnerabilities and emerging threats
  • The role Machine Learning plays in threat detection
  • And much more

You won’t want to miss Ziv’s breakdown of how cyber threats have recently evolved, examples of Trustwave’s response to them, and the use of disruptive technologies for threat detection.