Proactive Database Security for a Data-Driven World

Secure Databases. Protect Sensitive Data. Go Beyond Compliance.

Proactively prevent database breaches and go beyond just meeting your database compliance requirements with database assessment, risk visibility, continuous data protection, remediation guidance and active response capabilities for your on-premises and cloud databases.

Database Security Benefits

Many Security and IT departments are overwhelmed with the growing list of cyber security demands. With limited staff and expertise in database security, organizations are often only able to focus on maintaining compliance. Trustwave will help you to:

Identify Risk and Respond Intelligently

Continuous assessment uncovers hidden risks, increases data risk visibility and helps guide remediation efforts with intelligence from the SpiderLabs database team

Decrease Access to and Protect Data

Clearly understand who has access to your data as you unravel complex permission grants, detail users’ access to sensitive objects, find privileged users and identify unauthorized accounts

Continuously Monitor and Detect Anomalous Activity

Anomaly detection engine learns the normal patterns of database user activity and will alert on potential suspicious events based on behavioral models and custom DAM policies

Go Beyond Compliance and Achieve Security

Assess database security controls and report findings against leading industry standards and regulatory frameworks at the push of a button

Partner with a leader

Partner with a leader to protect your critical business data

Trustwave DbProtect received the Cyber Catalyst by Marsh designation

The Cyber Catalyst designation is awarded by participating insurers to cybersecurity products that the insurers consider effective in reducing cyber risk. Organizations deploying Trustwave DbProtect may qualify for enhanced terms and conditions on cyber insurance policies from a wide variety of participating global insurers.

Why Database Security is important

Proactive Database Security

Trustwave’s 20+ years of database security leadership allows you to achieve a mature, risk-focused data security solution.

Protect Data

Protection for on-premises and cloud databases

Continuous Assessment

Visibility into vulnerabilities and threats to guide remediation

Sophisticated Rights Mgt

Protect your data thru access visibility and rights control

Continuous Monitoring

Customizable DAM policies to monitor what matters most

Manage Database Risk

Provide robust protection with minimal impact to database performance

Go Beyond Compliance

Implement security best practices and surpass basic regulatory requirements

Remediation Guidance

Monthly knowledgebase updates with guidance to safely reduce risk

Integrate Easily

Integrate with other tools for proactive threat hunting and remediation

Free Trial

Download the AppDetectivePRO trial today and get a full evaluation license.

How to protect your databases

Database Security Solutions
to Meet Your Needs

Trustwave delivers the flexibility needed to protect your databases or the option to have it managed by the only company recognized by Gartner, IDC and Forrester as a leading global Managed Security Service provider.


The preferred tool for security practitioners, is a database security audit and assessment scanner that can be downloaded and installed on a workstation in minutes. Scan your database and understand your risk by uncovering configuration issues, vulnerabilities, elevated data access or any combination of settings that could potentially compromise the integrity of the database.


DbProtect is a visual database security and risk management platform that helps organizations secure their enterprise databases – on-premises or in public, private or hybrid clouds. DbProtect is used by enterprises, government organizations and small and medium-sized businesses, to automate two labor-intensive, best practices: continuously assessing for database risk and continuously monitoring database activity.

Managed Database Security

Extend your team’s ability to eradicate database threats by leveraging Trustwave’s renowned security experts to manage Trustwave DbProtect for you. Increase productivity in managing database threats and gain greater visibility into the full spectrum of the attack chain.

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