Database Security


Secure Databases. Protect Sensitive Data. Go Beyond Compliance.

Trustwave DbProtect proactively assesses threats to databases to help you gain visibility into the vulnerabilities in your on-premises or cloud databases that could lead to a data breach. It automates the security of critical data by uncovering vulnerabilities that would-be attackers could exploit, limiting user access to the most sensitive data and alerting on suspicious activities, intrusions and policy violations. As a result, you can spend less time chasing database security alerts and more time on activities that drive value, like remediating risks and reducing your attack surface.

DbProtect Benefits

Purpose-built Database Risk Management

7x more

database specific security and compliance checks vs. vulnerability assessment tools. DbProtect delivers database security and not just compliance

100+ hours saved

per database audit vs. manual processes reducing stress on your limited personnel

0 required proprietary appliances

or license increases as databases grow, simplifying implementation and reducing total cost

12 annual knowledgebase updates

vs. quarterly updates from other solutions so you have the latest and best knowledge from the SpiderLabs database team

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We Can Secure Your Databases

Watch to find out how Trustwave DbProtect can help you quickly identify database risks so you can reduce them proactively.

Sensitive data, like the kind that live in databases is a highly sought-after prize by cybercriminals and malicious actors bent on exfiltrating data for profit or other nefarious goals.


10 Principles of Database Security Program Design

The lifeblood of today’s digital business – data – is constantly under attack from skilled, organized, well-funded cybercriminals. Organizations must adopt a data-centric security approach that includes an effective database security program.

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DbProtect Highlights

DbProtect has been protecting databases for 20+ years

Real-time Visibility

of database assets, vulnerabilities, risk levels, user privileges, anomalies

SpiderLabs Intelligence

Extensive, continuously updated knowledge and database threat analytics

Cloud and On-premises

High scalability and protection for databases across the entire organization

Anomaly Detection

Detect and take corrective action against anomalies and policy violations

Protect Sensitive Data

Discover and classify data so you can take preventative action to reduce risk

Go Beyond Compliance

Seamless pathway from database compliance to database security

SIEM Integration

context into database alerts to protect against advanced and insider threats

Faster time to value

Implement continuous assessment within days and monitoring within weeks

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See how we can help you achieve Proactive Database Security

From the Trustwave Blog

Trustwave DbProtect Recognized for Its Intelligent Database Security When the World Needs It Most

It’s clear that with the drastic increase in data production and data record compromise, database security deserves to be prioritized now more than ever.

Organizations that operate in highly regulated industries, have complex on-premises and hybrid cloud architectures, and hold hacker-desired personally identifiable information (PII), need database protections that they can trust to defend them in this new environment.

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Standard Features

Comprehensive Database Protection

  • Discovery and Inventory

    Survey databases across your entire enterprise, along with their respective objects, users and enabled security features.

  • Conduct Assessments

    Examine data stores for vulnerability, configuration and user rights issues through built-in and customized policies.

  • Identify Excessively Privileged User Accounts

    Proactively establish an environment of least privilege by gaining visibility into who has access to your sensitive data.

  • Implement Controls

    Address high-risk vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, while assigning exceptions to ones that cannot immediately be patched.

  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

    Reduce the resource burden on internal teams by identifying and alerting on unusual or suspicious behavior.

  • Audit Privileged User Behavior

    Collect forensic audit trails of all privileged activities to satisfy compliance requirements.

  • Detect, Alert and Respond to Policy Violations

    Send alert messages for operations center personnel to take appropriate action when a security violation is identified.

  • Reporting, Integration and Analytics

    Run analytics and reports against your current status and demonstrate progress and operational efficiency.