Database Security

Managed Database Security

Secure Databases. Protect Sensitive Data. Go Beyond Compliance.

Eradicate database threats with Trustwave DbProtect, managed by our analyst-recognized security experts.


Ensure the Safety of Your Databases

Trustwave can help you get the most out of your database security investment by managing Trustwave DbProtect for you.

Trustwave will implement and configure your scanning and monitoring policies, maintain and manage scan scheduling and provide automated database monitoring based upon your business requirements.

Trustwave will also maintain and manage your dedicated instance of DbProtect, which includes patching and upgrade management and implementation as well as monitoring the health of your DbProtect environment to ensure it is running correctly.

What is managed database security?

Trustwave managed database security extends your team’s ability to eradicate database threats by leveraging Trustwave’s renowned security experts to improve adoption, increase your team’s productivity in managing database threats and gain greater visibility into the full spectrum of the attack chain.


Recognized by Major Analysts Firms and Key Media Outlets

Trustwave Managed Security Services Recognized as a global MSS Leader by the following:

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Expert Management

Managed Database Scanning

Trustwave database security experts will manage your DbProtect vulnerability scanning and user rights reviewing. Trustwave will work with you to establish a scanning schedule with a policy that implements your requirements to understand risk.

Additionally you can request ad-hoc scans to validate and ensure remediation outside of your schedule or scan a new database not already in scope. Trustwave will also manage and maintain all DbProtect components allowing you to focus on your business priorities.

Managed Database Benefits

  • Scheduling, Policy, Validation, Reporting

  • New scans, Remediation validation scans

  • Upgrades/patches/updates, Health monitoring

Activity Monitoring Benefits

  • Alert notifications, Policy, Reporting

  • Upgrades/patches/updates, Health monitoring

Expert Activity Monitoring

Managed Database Activity Monitoring

Trustwave database security experts will manage your DbProtect activity monitoring processes to alert you to anomalies and suspicious activities to protect against advanced, persistent, stealthy and insider threats.

Our Experts will work with you to establish policies to ensure security alerts based on your requirements. Trustwave will manage and maintain all DbProtect components allowing you to focus on your business priorities.