Email Security & Management

Capture 99.99% of malware and exploits with extensive policy controls & layered protection against email-based threats.

Improve Cyber Resiliency with Layered Email Security

Email is the number one attack vector used by threat actors who are continuously increasing their sophistication. An organization can only be secure with a multi-layered approach to email security. Trustwave MailMarshal’s layered security reduces false positives and protects against spam, gateway attacks, viruses, phishing attempts, and malicious URLs.

Layered Security

Catch what others miss & protect against ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), phishing, malware, and zero-day exploits.

Management Flexibility and Control

Achieve granular control, policy management, and compliance tasks through a single portal.

Ease of Implementation

Set up and start protecting email within minutes with built-in rule sets.


Track Record of Success

25 years of leadership in email security services supported by Trustwave SpiderLabs elite threat detection security team.

  • 99.99% Malware and exploit capture rate

  • Powered by telemetry from 5,000+ global MSS/MDR clients

  • 0 clients reported ransomware infection or major incidents

  • 130+ built-in policies for fast implementation

  • < 0.001% false positives

  • Complements Microsoft 365, Azure Rights Management Services (RMS), and other cloud email solutions

Layered Protection

Layering Trustwave MailMarshal with Microsoft 365 delivers
greater protection

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Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options that fit the Needs of Your Business


Retain on-site, granular control of your email environment and gain industry leading protection.


Combine a software-based on-premises or SaaS-delivered cloud deployment to furnish additional layers of protection.


Achieve improved email security and save money by complementing your web-based email gateways.

Free Trial

Try Trustwave MailMarshal with SQL Express free for 30 days.

Standard Features

Comprehensive Protection with Maximum Control

  • Extensive Policy Controls

    Implement custom policy configurations based on trigger points, content filtering and other policies for greater control.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Scan outbound emails and attachments to provide full DLP-level inspection to manage confidential data and meet stringent industry and regulatory requirements.

  • Advanced Detection and Filtering

    Stops external phishing, business email compromise and other threats by scanning for email anomalies, inconsistencies, and malicious behavior in the email’s structure, content, attachment, and links.

  • Customizable Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

    Avoid targeted phishing and BEC attacks through the combination of email security measures, employee education and best practices.

  • Time of Click URL Scanning

    Validates every URL and webpage at the time of click and not just at the time of receipt to ensure you are protected anytime and from any device.

Optional Features

Additional Management & Security Modules

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Identifies, catches, neutralizes and blocks, in real-time, websites that serve up suspicious or malicious code to company users and provides zero-day protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats.

  • Comprehensive Email Archiving

    Provides a systematic approach to save and protect the data contained in email messages to enable fast retrieval. This tool plays an essential role at companies in which data permanence is a priority.

  • Image Analyzer

    Automatically scans and sorts images entering the company via email into two categories – offensive and normal and acceptable. Protects employees, customers and suppliers from exposure to inappropriate and illegal content helping to reduce legal liability.

  • Malware Analysis Sandbox

    Proactively prevents advanced malware and provides a safe environment in which to execute and observe malicious code or to encourage threats into exposing themselves. It also reduces the amount of time between infection and remediation, mitigates the risk of breaches, and detects zero day or unknown attacks.

  • Simple, Advanced Email Encryption

    Email users can securely send emails containing sensitive or confidential information and documents to any recipient around the globe without requiring the recipient to download or install any software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Secure email is a message, using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) communication, that is free from unauthorized access, attack, loss, or interception.

Sending email securely covers two levels. First, your personal privacy must be respected by encrypting the email. Second, it’s important that your organization’s policies are respected. For example, policy controls may be used to inspect content being sent to ensure that intellectual property policies are observed.

The most secure email uses a multi-layered approach to protect email in multiple ways. Trustwave MailMarshal is the most comprehensive solution in the industry to do so, in the following layers:

• IP Reputation, Marshal RBL, Spamhaus

• SpamProfiler (Cloudmark)

• Email Threats/KnownThreatsZeroDay (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• Advanced Malware and Exploit Detection (AMAX) (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• Sophos or other AV Engine

• SpamCensor (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• BEC Filter/Sigs (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• PhishFilter+URLDeep (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• Suspect URL/BTM (Proprietary to Trustwave)

• Sandbox

• Email Policy Settings

The general types of email security in the market includes some limited SPAM profiling and malware detection, sandboxing, and IP Reputation Check. MailMarshal goes beyond these with:

• Finding additional threats

• Multi-faceted content scanning

• Email Policy Settings

Trustwave MailMarshal provides:

• Increased malspam detection rates

• Improved Ransomware and BEC fraud detection

• Deeper malicious file attachment detection

• Inspect Azure RMS-encrypted attachments

• Retain maximum control of your email for internal processes

• Minimize software licensing costs

A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) monitors incoming and outgoing email to prevent email threats and deliver authorized email. Email threats include ransomware, spam, phishing attacks, and other malware. Outgoing messages are scanned against policies to prevent sensitive data from leaving the organization or to automatically encrypt emails to protect sensitive information. An SEG can be deployed on-prem, as a hybrid solution or as a cloud service.

Benefits of using secure email include:

• Protecting your email from compromise

• Sending and receiving email with privacy and internal policy controls respected

• Sending and receiving only appropriate email, free from SPAM and threats

• Ensuring that email is not erroneously quarantined or sent to SPAM folders

Firewalls can be set up to block emails in some ways, for example by blocking emails from certain IP addresses. Trustwave MailMarshal provides much more granular and flexible rules-based email filtering.