Advanced Continual Threat Hunting

Behavioral-based hunting that goes beyond alerts. Be proactive. Stop hidden threats before damage is done.

Find Threat Actors that Evade Modern Security Controls

Modern detection & response technology alone is not sufficient to stop sophisticated threat actors that evade detection. Trustwave Advanced Continual Threat Hunting helps you discover covert threats, so you can stop an attack to your business before damage is done.

Hunting for the Unknown

We continuously hunt for indicators of behavior to uncover hidden threats within your organization to help you mitigate security risks to your business

Finding What Others Don't

We find 3x more behavior-based threats that have gone undetected by other tools with our patent-pending cyber threat hunting framework

Hunting Proactively & Often

Continuous threat hunting occurs multiple times per year and each iteration becomes more laser focused on behavioral anomaly detection


Protect your Business from Internal Security Risks & Covert Threats

Trustwave SpiderLabs Advanced Continual Threat Hunting adds value by not only determining if there is a threat actor in the environment, but also by raising awareness to opportunities of compromise before an attacker can exploit it.

  • Identify potential insider threats

  • Maximize EDR investment value

  • Discover malicious activity that evade detection by modern security controls

  • Uncover hidden & persistent threats to actively reduce your attack surface

  • Stop active threats to your business before damage is done

  • Get actionable findings and best-practice remediation recommendations


Threat Hunting at its Best

Trustwave’s proprietary, patent-pending threat hunting framework and methodology enables our experts to conduct continuous human-led threat hunts for indicators of behavior across our global client base at scale, resulting in a 3x increase in behavior-based threat findings and allows us to detect what others don’t much faster.

Patent-Pending Platform

  • Trustwave has developed thousands of queries across multiple EDR technologies, mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, to hunt adversaries at scale.

Human-Led Cyber Threat Hunting

  • Specialized cybersecurity experts that must think like an attacker and have the intuition to follow the smallest detail using the best tools in the industry.

Trustwave can help

Discover how threat hunting can help you neutralize active threats and minimize business impact, quickly.


An Elite Group of Threat Hunters—
Trustwave SpiderLabs®

The Trustwave SpiderLabs team of threat hunters is composed of experts with hybrid domain expertise and defensive mindsets spanning diverse security career experiences.


Decades of career experience ranging from Corporate Information Security to Security Research to Federal and Local Law Enforcement


Experts in security, OS, application, end points, network processes and IT functions, digital forensics & incident response, malware reverse engineering, threat intelligence research, and penetration testing.


Hands-on experience conducting thousands of threat hunts and investigations where they have encountered adversaries and honed their creative thinking skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber threat hunting is required to detect attackers that go to great lengths to remain undetected and avoid triggering alerts from existing security technologies like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools.

After initial access, an attacker has enough time to persist and eventually move laterally within an organization to conduct their malicious activity like steal data or initiate ransomware.

Cyber threat hunters look for indicators of behavior, and other anomalies, to stop attackers from completing their nefarious mission.

Standard Threat Hunting involves hunting for indicators of compromise (IoC) or newly identified threats or recently discovered “zero day” vulnerabilities.

Advanced Continual Threat Hunting involves human-led threat hunting for indicators of behavior (IoB) or tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from known threat actors or other anomalous activity—looking for attackers that have evaded detection by modern security technology.

Cyber threat hunting works by having a combination of EDR technology, custom developed tools, frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, and cybersecurity experts that have hybrid domain expertise.

Yes, a supported EDR is required.

• Microsoft Defender for Endpoints

• Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR

• SentinelOne Singularity Complete EDR

• VMware Hosted EDR (Carbon Black Response)

• VMware Enterprise EDR (Carbon Black Threat Hunter)